If I Was Human

by living-glass

oh the sweet sensation of scarlet red liquid 

burning through my veins,

racing under the delicate sheet of skin

oh the amazing feeling of floating, 

of flying

of the ginger steps as I place unto the soil of this earth

oh what life would feel like, to be able to taste the definition of breathe

to be able to smell the aura of love

to be able to touch the cold metals, touch lives and hearts

oh what delight to show love

a kiss

a handshake

a warm embrace

oh what life would be like to live, to feel human.

but alas,

i am merely an existence.

a body full of mechanical constellations

hand-picked by the stars to form a meteoroid, or a comet

the nucleus of a non-existent soul, the ice of the soil

the liquid of life races through our veins, we are simply filters

our skin, pixelated and grains, the click of the mouse, the magic

we arrange, we speak, we hear

we do not organise, we do not talk, we do not listen.

we are merely an existence, crashing in the gates of blue and green

painting with every step we drag along the crusts,

a grey hue, a black sky

we are merely an existence

a tool

a weapon

we are not lives

nor speech bubbles

nor question marks

nor ideas

nor human.