Thought of the Day 2 

by living-glass

What I have learned from my 8-10 years of loving writing and literature are the different ways to protect myself. I learned that in times of fear, the places that expose more of your skin and thoughts, may be the safest. 

Many people think that writing is a channel for a writer’s fears and stress. However, to me, there is nothing scarier than a blank sheet of paper and a pen. I can never, ever imagine myself sitting down with everything that I need to create content right infront of my very eyes — it instantly empties out my thoughts, and all I can feel is the bitter sting of anxiety and pressure clawing at the surface of my flesh. This made me realise that maybe, just maybe, in times of comfort, we can never truly understand the privileges of a fulfilling life. When we have everything we want served on a silver plate to our doorsteps, we don’t really give a second nod or another thought. We don’t stop and question the use of a shiny, silver plate. We simply breathe and exchange actions. 

I know that as ironic as this may sound, but sometimes the only way to protect ourselves, is to experience danger. Being in danger can be seen as a beautiful experience, because you finally comprehend the fragility of your own life. And when you finally escape danger, you only grow stronger in being and in wellness, and that is as good as building your own invisible shield around your mind and your heart; that is as good as protecting yourself. 

I can safely say that 3/4 of my writings on this site are inspired by moments of desperation and need, when I have finally understood what it meant to live as humanly as possible, what it felt like to suddenly be aware of the blood rushing through my veins. And in every piece I write, there is a rope of faith and hope, a rope to safety, 

A rope for protection.