For Joy

by living-glass

She opened her eyes —

Eyes that documented worries, sorrow, sadness;

Eyes that emitted ecstasy, love, glory.

Her eyes crinkled, a life on its own.

The lines circling her pupils were amorphous dark forms,


And she smiled —

The corners of her mouth sinking

Into the reams of her cheeks,

Her teeth perfectly crooked:

Left to right, right to left.


She was imperfection, concealed

By the way pride and courage glowed off the surface of her skin,

By the way both love and sorrow intertwined around the curls in her hair,

By the way every of life’s tumultuous turning points and precious memories were engraved along her lips when she smiled.


She was everything else like human — In the purest form of Joy.

Thank you, for being a friend that was like the sun: your smile and laughter shined through and gave light in dark times and lonely days.