What happens when the blood in my body has turned into water? 

by living-glass

I am not prepared to face reality — 
A glistening stone with a lava core;

A wide abyss with its darkness strangling

You with every breath you surrender;

A fallen angel with broken wings and a bruised body. 

And no one has prepared me to face reality, 

I was not warned of 

The number of dives I had to take, 

The number of sacrifices I had to make, 

The number of hearts I had to break, 

The number of feelings I had to throw away;

I was not warned of

Temptation and greed,

Love and lust, 

Hatred and guilt; 

Never have I imagined

Sinking into murky water as I hear my own breath slowly fade away within the clouds, 

Or the day that I would find the colours of the rainbow the most agonising visual, 

Or finding myself trapped in an uknown body without spirit or sight. 

What happens when the blood in my body has turned into water?

I stop running, instead, I crawl.

I stop talking, instead, I am silenced.

I stop thinking, instead, I let go.

I stop loving, instead, I am blindfolded.

I stop dreaming, instead, I drown.