The Abstract Art of Life

by living-glass

I am swaying in the dark,

My hands bloodied as I
Struggle to stop the blood from seeping
Through my veins while I balance
A knife on the tip of my tongue;

I taste metal and flowers,

As if the latter bunch were blended
Perfectly with the cold steel,
To produce an explosion of wires
Blooming on the ends;

I wring my heart dry,

My arteries enjoying the burning
Sensation of guilt and adrenaline,
Galvanising passageways across
My bones and within the corners of my eyes;

I am staring into whitewashed walls now,

And slowly I catapult into a window —
In time I am dancing across
White clouds and psychedelic music,
Feeling my way through cotton and silk;

I come to a stop,

In front of red lines and yellow tapes,
And I see flashing green lights,
And as ominous as it feels
I made a run for it —

In hopes that

One day,
Just one day,
I will finally reach the light
At the end of the tunnel.