by living-glass

[Never good enough]

I stare at your lips the
Way they curve towards the corners
Of the newspaper and an
Unknown number of happy days
As if you forgot about the feelings
You used to have when you saw
Those happy days in my eyes;

While I pour acid down the
Curvature of my spine and watch
Myself bleed from the windows of
My ears and the pores of my skin,
As if I could neither taste
The word of love nor touch
The key in your hands that unlocks
The misery in me and the
Perfection hidden in the
Connection between our intertwined
Fingers and breathing souls;

Because one day you will run —
From the treasure I bury in
My mind and the weapon I conceal
Between the walls of my heart,
As if you have never smiled
Towards those corners of life,
As if you have never smiled
Like there were endless happy days,
As if you have never smiled
When you saw those days in my eyes;

And one day you will run —
To hide away from flaws engraved
Deep down darker in my flesh,
To seek shelter and find the
Perfection that you so rightfully deserve,
Only to realise I was never here
But instead resting my head between
My hands on the train tracks,
Waiting for punishment to
Be served as dessert;

And one day you will run —
Away from the love
You thought was true,
Away from the love
You dedicated your life to,
Away from the love
You had hoped would grow,
Away from the love 
That landed you bruises and scars,
Away from the love
That never existed,

from me.