Thoughts in Flight II 

by living-glass

Many days I sit alone in a roomThat I have conjured in my mind—

It is enclosed within 

White-washed walls and blood-stained floors.
And I sit alone in that room

To think about the days where I 

Danced along to the sound of your heartbeat,

And held your hands within my breath 

So that your heart would not turn cold;
And many days I sit alone in that room

To remember days when we had knives 

Sunken into each others’ chests

And the times we fell into the thorns

Of each others’ embrace 

Only to realise we did not mind the 

Blood-stained floors and the games

We were playing with each other;
And I sit alone in that room

Because now I finally understand

That the silence that is engulfing me 

Is the sound of the wind in our hearts

And the knocks on the door of my heart

Begging me to let go.